Recruit Analysis


Meaningful and Informative Reporting

  • Esri reports provide more depth, breadth, and built-in analytics than any other source.
  • Reports are professionally prepared and immediately ready for presentation

The integration between Esri and GIS WebTech and our accessibility to both allows us to run reports rapidly and deliver them quickly, confidently, and reliably. We save at least 50% of our report preparation time and are increasingly more productive now than ever

Tim Duerr, Director of Research, SC Power Team

Report Features

  • Drive time from property
  • Line (distance buffer from drawn line, including the ability to have multiple vertices, buffer distance input as miles)
  • Polygon (report data will be of the enclosed area of drawn polygon)
  • Pin (ring or drive time)

Property Search

  • Search properties (sites, parks, buildings) by size, type, property and properties within a geography
  • Generate Esri reports that perfectly match the data within Business Analyst Online by Ring and Drive times

Business Search

  • Business data is supplied by InfoGroup, the most accurate business data source available.
  • Search by NAICS, geography, length of time in business, # of employees, revenue, and more.
  • Generate Esri reports by Ring and Drive times with the company as your center point of research

Community Search

  • Search for communities with your state generating the same reports as Esri’s Business Analyst Online
  • Implementing Recruit and Business Analyst Online together ensures researchers and site selectors are utilizing and leveraging the same dataeliminating questions of data inconsistency.

Drive Time Analysis

  • Easily generate a drive time from a property, or any point on the map. Generate a drive time up to 3 hours. This expanded drive time increases research capability for “Just in Time” inventory and manufacturing.

Ring Time Analysis

Research demographics by distance from the property up to 180 miles

Community Layers

  • Include community features of your choice to highlight. In fact, pick as many as you like. Since nearly all municipalities use ArcGIS Desktop to create and maintain GIS assets, a simple mouse click keeps those assets synced to our solutions.
  • Map layers are always up to date because we are synchronized with your communities official GIS sources.

Thematic Mapping

  • Recruit has more data variables than any other solution (9,500+ variables available for reporting).
  • Clients may choose all or a subset of the variables for inclusion in reporting.
  • These are the same variables included in Esri's Business Analyst online. In fact, Recruit streams data directly from Esri's cloud, so your data is always up to date.